We look upon our clients as partners and we recognize our responsibility to identify the special requirements of each project, apply appropriate design techniques, support the project team and monitor the project.   All of our projects receive the full support of our skilled staff and state-of-the-art systems.  We are proud of our organization and its philosophy to provide full services to satisfy the particular needs of each client.  Choosing Westcon Engineering, Inc. means choosing quality and exceptional skills.


Founded in 1996, Westcon Engineering, Inc. is operated by directors and officers, each of whom have greater than 30 years of local consulting engineering experience.  Westcon Engineering, Inc. has evolved through well-managed growth and quality work into a successful land surveying, land planning and civil engineering firm.  Our team of experienced professionals is committed to high standards and our work environment encourages individual achievement in the context of group accomplishment.

Kathyjo McCloskey – President and Owner of Westcon Engineering Inc. –

In 1996, my husband, Karig McCloskey, and I started Westcon Engineering Inc. with the vision of creating a company that would encompass an Engineering Firm with a Real Estate & Development Team.  Throughout the development of our company, Karig served as the President and CEO to operate the Engineering Firm while I worked in parallel to operate the Real Estate & Development Team.

With the passing of Karig in May of 2017, I assumed the role of President and CEO of Westcon Engineering Inc. for both the Engineering Firm and Real Estate & Development Team.  As I move into this new role, I bring over 30 years of direct experience in the Real Estate field and 22 years of experience in working with the Westcon Engineering Firm.  I am confident that the veteran team of professionals at Westcon Engineering Inc., along with my expertise in Sales and Development, will provide a great resource and asset for Engineers and Developers alike.

Westcon Engineering Inc. has built our rich tradition and history on providing each customer with the highest quality product, exceptional customer service, and honesty in every situation. My commitment and promise is to continue these foundational pillars to our business as these are the commitments that Karig took the most pride in as a business owner and person.  I look forward to working with you on your next project and developing the outstanding relationship that Karig had with each of our clients.

Karig McCloskey – Founder 

Born: September 29, 1954

Passed Away: May 7, 2017

Ever since he was a small boy, Karig McCloskey took a keen liking to the beauty that lies within engineering design and development.  In 1996, this passion and engineering desire led Karig to develop Westcon Engineering Inc.  With a small team of Engineers, Surveyors, and Auto Cad Specialists, Karig looked to develop Westcon Engineering Inc. in two folds with an Engineering Firm and a Real Estate & Development Team.

Now, 22 years later, this vision and passion has led Westcon Engineering Inc. into the thriving and successful company that we are today.  Karig took great pride in developing this company on his personal beliefs of being honest & fair to all, dedicated to all those he worked for and with, and being kind to everyone above all else.  Karig utilized his expert knowledge in land planning and development to demonstrate the hands-on leadership style that it took to develop a company that would be the best.

On a personal level, to say Karig was an amazing man, father, husband, and grandfather is an understatement. He was truly more than amazing in each aspect of his life than words can truly express. Karig will be greatly missed within the company and in life; however, his vision, passion, and personal commitments will live on. All of the employees at Westcon Engineering Inc. will utilize Karig’s vision and values to continue this company in his legacy and image.

Atanas Steryo – Chief Engineer and Designer – Mr. Steryo is Registered Civil Engineer No. 23221 in the State of California and is also licensed in Nevada as RCE No. 12743. He has 43 years of experience in civil engineering, planning and surveying and has been with Westcon Engineering for over 20 years. Mr. Steryo is a member of the California Society of Professional Engineers and the University of Oklahoma Alumni Association.

Bruce Roberts – Senior Planner and Project Manager – Mr. Roberts has been involved in Southern California Land Development his entire career both as a engineering consultant and as a developer. Prior to joining Westcon, Bruce worked for a private development firm and was a key member responsible for managing the development of a wide variety of residential Projects throughout the Los Angeles area and as far north as Lompoc. Many of these Projects included complex entitlement requirements which Bruce skillfully guided through approval and to completion.

Tim Koh – Director of Surveying and Mapping – Mr. Koh is Licensed Surveyor No. 8669 in the State of California and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Technology from Cal Poly Pomona. In his 11 years with Westcon, Tim has provided many topographic surveys, ALTA’s and performed construction surveys for everything from single-family homes to residential developments with greater than 150 units. Tim has also prepared and recorded numerous tract maps, parcel maps and easement deeds in many jurisdictions throughout Southern California.

Mike Day – Expeditor – Before joining the Westcon Engineering team he traveled the world racing as a professional cyclist that earned him an Olympic Silver medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, as BMX made its Olympic debut. Now, his new role at Westcon Engineering has him working with the company’s engineers to make sure that they navigate the tricky city permitting process in a timely order to meet our client’s goals. Mike spends considerable time interacting with our in house survey crew and engineers to make sure the project stays on time and on budget.

Steve Medina – Land Surveyor – Mr. Steven Medina has been working with Westcon Engineering for 4 years as a Land Surveyor. He has experiences in all phases of surveying including boundary, topographic and A.L.T.A. survey, construction staking preparation and layout, cross-sections, and as-built surveys. Prior to his work with Westcon Engineering, he served and retired after 20 years in the United States Marine Corps, earning the title Gunnery Sergeant and veteran. He served in multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, instructor tours in Okinawa and Korea, and humanitarian aids in East Timor, Russia, and Mazatlan Mexico.